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Bryan Tolentino & Herb Ohta, Jr. Ukulele Friends

Bryan Tolentino & Herb Ohta, Jr. Ukulele Friends

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“Manuela Boy,” “Pohai Ke Aloha,” “In a Little Hula Heaven,” “Wahine Holo Lio,” “Haunani Mine,” “Kaulana Kawaihae,” “Hawai'i Calls,” “I'll Remember You/Days of My Youth,” “He Aloha No 'O Wai'anae,” “Beautiful Kaua'i” “Gm Fleas (Revisited),” “Hotaru”

’Ukulele Friends, is an instrumental collection of twelve popular Hawaiian and Hapa Haole melodies by long-time pals and celebrated ukulele artists, Bryan Tolentino and Herb Ohta, Jr.  Teaming up diametrically opposite master musicians with radically different methods and style proved fortuitous for ‘Ukulele Friends, as these artists share an unbreakable bond in their love for Hawaiian music.  The son of ukulele legend “Ohta-san,” Herb, considered one of today’s most prolific ukulele masters, put his stamp on Hawaiian music by pushing the limits of tone and technique.   For ‘Ukulele Friends, Herb focused on creating captivating melodies, while Bryan, in demand throughout the Hawaiian music world as an accompanist, fashioned his magical highlights with his specialty, “fairy dusting.”   Invited to the collaboration as a very special guest, is another long-time pal ukulele wizard Jake Shimabukuro, who brings a full dose of energy, intensity and fun to “Gm fleas (Revisited).”   From the soothing sounds of “Kaulana Kauaihae,” “Pohai Ke Aloha,”  “Hawaii Calls,” and “Beautiful Kauai,” the lovely medley of the timeless classic “I’ll Remember You/Days of My Youth,” to the happy “Haunane Mine,” “In a Little Hula Heaven,” rascally “Manuela Boy,” and good fun “Gm Fleas (Revisited),” ‘Ukulele Friends by ukulele masters and friends Bryan, Herb and Jake is one marvelous mix of island melodies.

Ukulele Friends

2016 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Winner

Bryan Tolentino and Herb Ohta, Jr.

Ukulele Friends

Ukulele Album of the Year


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In a Little Hula Heaven