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Island Love Shack 2

Island Love Shack 2

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Following in the footsteps of the chart topping "Island Love Shack," Hawaii's favorite island and reggae love song compilation, "Island Love Shack 2" is packed with music that's great for lovin', dancin' and rubadubbin'. "Island Love Shack 2" has just the right combination of international and local favorites for the perfect feel good, party time love shack experience.

International hits include reggae's own Gregory Isaacs' "Night Nurse," Aswad's "Don't Turn Around," Macka B's "Squeeze Me," and "Mysterious Girl" by Peter Andre.

Hawai'i's top artists spice up the mix with Pati's "All I Have To Do Is Dream," Kapena's "Glittery Eyes," Justin & Bitty Mclean's "More Than Words," Hawaiian Time's "Crazy Love, Crazy Love," Norm's "I Wanna Love U," Koa'uka's "Boom Shi Boom Lover," Butch Helemano's "Lover's Moon," Reality's "Hold Me Close," Ka'ala Boys' "Easy Feeling," Lehua's "Rubbin Up," and Rodz' "Drinkin' Moonlight."

And "2" tops off with 3 new songs - Kawika Regidor debuts his sweet island reggae original, "The First Time," Zack Kekona slips in a smooth groove with his original song, "Wishes Were Made For Dreams," and Nightlife rocks da shack with their original, "End of Time." The party's at da shack - Island Love Shack 2!

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