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Island Love Shack

Island Love Shack

The night is balmy and the moon is full. The dirt road crunches as you make the last turn and see the weathered structure tucked under the palms; waves gently lapping along the moonlit shore. A faint light glows through an open door. You grab the only CD you'll need for a perfect evening under the stars and make tracks for Island Love Shack.

Island Love Shack, the first of this chart topping series, is a compilation of popular island style and reggae love songs from Hawai'ian and international artists.

Chaka Demus & Pliers' popular "Witness Stand," Fiona's hit, "I'm In Love," and local favorites that are nearly impossible to find, Bitty McLean's "Forever Be Mine," and Lukie D's "God Knows ( I Love You)," are on this release ." Hits by Hawai'i's top artists - Ho'onu'a, Ekolu, B.E.T., Justin, Bruddah Norm, Roots Odyssey, Robi Kahakalau, Pau Hana, Sunland are also part of "the shack" experience.

Follow the footprints in the sand to Island Love Shack!

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