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2015 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Winner

Island Style Ukulele 2

Compilation Album of the Year

 “Island Style Ukulele 2” features 14 newly recorded instrumentals with a relaxing tropical vibe. Experience the delightful diversity of the ukulele and the remarkable creativity of celebrated artists from the islands of Hawaii such as Brittni Paiva, Herb Ohta, Jr, Kimo Hussy, Kalei Gamiao, Bryan Tolentino, Alfredo Canopin, Derick Sebastian, Aldrine Guerrero, Jody Kamisato, Gordon Freitas, Corey Fujimoto, up and comers Honoka & Azita, Micah Ganiron and Tj Mayeshiro, and special guests, Tahiti’s superstar Florent Atem, and 13 year old prodigy from Japan, Rio Saito. From Hawaiian classics such as “Ulupalakua,” island favorites like “Paniolo Counry,” contemporary hits “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride,” and classics like “Dancing in the Moonlight,” and “Sweet City Woman,”  “Island Style Ukulele 2” is a little slice of paradise for those who love the small but mighty ukulele.  

Sweet City Woman

Performed by Florent Atem

Te Kaha Ukulele  


Performed by Derick Sebastian

Kanile’a Ukulele


Performed by Herb Ohta, Jr.

KoAloha Ukulele

Paniolo Country

Performed by Gordon Freitas

Pono Ukulele

E Ku’u Morning Dew

Performed by Kalei Gamiao     

Kamaka Ukulele

Maikai Ka Makani O Kohala

Performed by Bryan Tolentino

Kamaka Ukulele

One Summer’s Day

Performed by Corey Fujimoto

Ko’olau Ukulele

Dancing in the Moonlight

Performed by Aldrine Guerrero

Kanile’a Ukulele

Norwegian Wood

Performed by Rio Saito  

Kamaka Ukulele     

Love and Honesty

Performed by Jody Kamisato, Micah Ganiron & Tj Mayeshiro

Jody’s Ukulele: Kanile’a    

Micah’s Ukulele: Kanile’a  

Tj’s Ukulele: KoAloha  

Pay Phone

Performed by Honoka & Azita     

Honoka Katayama’s Ukulele: Kanile’a  

Azita Ganjali’s Ukulele: Kamaka  

Ka Ua Loku

Performed by Kimo Hussey

Lichty Ukulele

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

Performed by Brittni Paiva

Kamaka Ukulele

Waikiki/On the Beach in Waikiki

Performed by Alfred Canopin    

Martin Ukulele   


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Ulupakakua By

Derick Sebastian

Island Style Ukulele 3