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Ka’ala Boys

No Doubt About It

Ka’ala Boys No Doubt About It

Ka’ala Boys Can’t Get Enough

Listening to Ka’ala Boys music is like kicking back under a coconut tree with a giant shave ice on a hot summer day. Deliciously cool, fresh and enjoyable to the last drop - the kind you "Can't Get Enough" of.

Ka’ala Boys, Keoki V.(vocals, ukulele) and Rodney Bejer (vocals, bass) recruited Kaleo Kahua (drummer) and Paul Dunlap (guitar) established themselves as island reggae artists with their original hits, " Slow Down," from their "No Doubt About It" release, and "Easy Feeling," from their "Now" release.

"Can't Get Enough" with 12 songs, 9 originals, is full of sweet island reggae. The title track, "One and Only Lover," and "Sweet Sensations," written by Keoki V., pack a steady groove, lots of strings, and sweet harmonies.

Rodney Bejer keeps the groove going with "Still In Love," and "Fly You To The Moon," and sings from the heart to his fiancé', Jaime," in the tender ballad, "In My World." Special guest saxophonist, Rodney Bird , lends his special touches to, "What You Won't Do For Love," and "One and Only Lover."

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