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Ka’ala Boys Solid

The usual response to the Ka’ala Boys performance of “Kamuela Yodel” is  “hana hou,” local style for “one more time!”  Keoki V’s amazing vocals, which includes yodeling –yes, yodeling- quickly propelled Ka’ala Boys to the top of the A-list of Hawaii’s most popular entertainers.

Ka’ala Boys Island Contemporary music, with songs like “Backyard Kanikapila”, “Mount Ka’ala Hula,” and “Kamuela Yodel” garnered the band, Keoki V. (ukulele, vocals), Rodney Bejer (bass, vocals), Eric Lee (guitar, vocals) and Elton McKeague (drums), a solid following – which became the inspiration for the band’s first eleven song release, “Solid.”

The multi-talented K-Boys also love Reggae and Pop. Check out their island-style Reggae in the grooves of “Rock With Me,” “Surf Party,” “Girl, I Really Need You,” “Bad Girl,” and “Neighborhood Flirt.” Their pop tunes include “Woman in Control,” “Forever More,” and “No More Words to Say.”

Take a listen to Ka’ala Boys’ “Solid” and discover the true meaning of “hana hou!”

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