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Everybody Loves

Bob Marley

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Everybody Loves Bob Marley

Everybody Loves Bob Marely

Everybody Loves Bob Marley! One of the most important artists of the 20th Century, Bob Marley's popularity has grown exponentially since his passing more than 25 years ago. His music continues to reign supreme in the hearts of reggae music fans around  the world. "Everybody Loves Bob Marley" is a celebration of popular Bob Marley songs (and a tribute by Macka B.) performed by artists from Hawaii, Jamaica, Tahiti and the United Kingdom, island communities which have thoroughly embraced Bob Marley music.

With 17 tracks, “Everybody Loves Bob Marley” includes 12 newly recorded Bob Marley songs by popular Reggae artists Bitty McLean, Koauka, B.E.T., Norm, Kapena, Marty Dread, Sashamon, Damon Williams,and Kawao, under the radar new comers Tru Rebels, the Kaimana Band and Carole and Florent Atem, as well as established Bob Marley hits by chart toppers Sean Na'auao, Robi Kahakalau, Baba B, Bruddah Waltah and Macka B.  

“Bob,” a dedication to Bob Marley by Macka B., “Jamming,” by B.E.T., “One Drop,” by Bitty McLean, “Waiting In Vain,” by Norm, “Could You Be Loved,” by Koauka, “Do It Twice,” by Robi Kahakalau,  “Keep On Moving,” by Damon Williams, “No Woman No Cry” by Bruddah Waltah, “Three Little Birds,” by The Kaimana Band, “Night Shift” by Kapena, “Misty Morning,” by Kawao, “Roots Rock Reggae,” by Marty Dread featuring Andre Derizans, “One Love Medley,” by Carole & Florent Atem, “So Much Trouble In The World,”by Baba B.,

“Coming In From The Cold,” by Sean Na'auao, “Positive Vibration,” by Sashamon.

If you are a Bob Marley fan then you are sure to enjoy this collection of great Bob Marley songs.

Bob by Macka B

1 Bob By Macka B

2 Jamming

3 One Drop

4 Waiting In Vain

5 Could You Be Loved

6 Do It Twice

7 Keep On Moving

8 No Woman No Cry

9 Three Little Birds

10 Night Shift

11 Misty Morning

12 Roots Rock Reggae

13 One Love Medley

14 So Much Trouble In The World

15 Bad Card

16 Coming In From The Cold

17 Positive Vibration

Bob Marley


Robert Nesta Marley on Feb 6, 1945 in St. Ann, Jamaica


May 11, 1981 in Miami, FL

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