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 has a wide selection of Island Contemporary,

Reggae, Alternative, Ukulele and Hawaiian music

with a unique island flavor.

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Popular Hawaiian Music
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Visit Ukulele Hawaii for  Ukulele reviews, artists and demonstrations

Kulana Local Jamm Full Armor Reality with THC Benny Chong In Studio Benny Chong Daniel Badria Paka Smith Aaron Crowell Kalei Gamiao Braddah Norm Live John Cuiberti, Florent Atem Joe Satriani and Carole Atem Phil Miller Justin Young Live Bitty Mclean Justin Young Jack Johnson B.E.T. Carole Atem Ka'ala Boys Live Ka'ala Boys In Studio Kulana Live Eric Lee Florent and Carole Atem Reality and Jay John Feary Lance Kalahiki Local Jamm Live Reality Live Tony Solis THC Todd Adamski Full Armor 2 Taimane Gardner Jan Luna Carole & Florent ATEM Fiji and Bitty Mclean Braddah Norm Christmas Forent Atem and Henry Kapono Elton Braddah E Bob St John Neos Productions  Florent Atem John Cuniberti Bob St John Carole Atem Bob St John in the studio

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