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Backyard Kanikapila

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Kulana Backyard Kanikapila

Kulana Backyard Kanikapila

Kulana, Herb Otah, Jr. (vocals/ukulele), James Pilgrim (vocals/guitar), Mike Guerrero (keyboard), and Ken Fields (bass), encouraged by the response (and their busy performance calendars) from their first recording, "Kulana,” proudly present "Backyard Kanikapila."

A celebration of  growing up local style in the good old days, "Backyard Kanikapila" showcases the bands lively island style rhythms and virtuoso ukulele. Nearly all the songs are originals written by James, Herb and Tony (Mililani ) Solis.  Special guests include Tony Solis on vocals and Todd Adamski on guitar.

Highlights include "North Shore Play," is an upbeat tune reminiscent of  a time when you really could play and play all day,  "Waimanalo Girls," a playful tribute to Oahu's  "Nalo girls," and the sweet, sentimental "Makapu'u Sands."

"Typical Hawaiian Day" and "Island Girl" and "Good Old Days" depict some of their fondest memories.

After giving this release a spin, we think you'll agree that the best response to Kulana's "Backyard  Kanikapila"  is "HANA HOU!"

1 Typical Hawaiian Day     2 Backyard Kanikapila     

3 Makapu’u Sands      

4 Waimanalo Girls      

5 North Shore Play      

6 Island Girl      

7 As Long As I Live     

8 Special Way      

9 Spend It With You     

10 Good Old Days

Kulana Featuring Herb Otah Jr

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