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Fly Away

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Lehua Fly Away

Lehua Fly Away

Lehua inherited her musical ability from her mother, Lehua Nash, a slack key virtuoso in her own right. She grew up singing "Hawaiian and Country," and wrote songs with her father who "can make an instrument out of just about anything."

An early start in the entertainment business proved advantageous for Lehua as it provided her with many opportunities to develop her own style, best described as "Island R&B."

"Fly Away" is a collection of 10 songs, 9 originals, produced by Hawaii Music Award winner Bob St. John of Neos Productions, and Grammy award winning producer, Danny Sembello. "When I heard Lehua sing for the first time I thought God graced us with one of His Angels," said Danny, and "Fly Away" was off and running.

Lehua soars in the title track, "Fly Away," and weaves magic into Minnie Riperton's classic "Loving You." "Rubbin Up" and "End This Game" reveal her playful and sassy side.

Beautiful, fun loving and seriously talented, Lehua is a musician first and foremost. Firmly planted in her music, she gives Island R&B a life of its own with her lush vocals, hooky lyrics and smooth rhythm tracks.

1 The One I Want  

2 Fly Away  

3 Lovin You

4 End This Game  

5 I Fell In Love With
The Wrong One

6 Good Morning

7 Rubbin Up

8 I Keep It To Myself

9 We Should Have

10 Those Days

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