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Bruddah Norm

Norm Unforgettable Dream

Bruddah Norm

Unforgettable Dream

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 NORM I Belong To U Hawaiian Reggae

Norm “Braddah Norm” unforgettable Dream

Bruddah Norm's popularity stepped up another notch with the release of "Unforgettable Dream." Hit songs "Party," and "Thinking of You," put him on the island music map as a dynamic live entertainer.
Always the writer, Norm's "Unforgettable Dreams" includes 10 originals and two of his favorite cover songs. And like our dreams, his music covers a broad base of emotion.

For sweet dreams, "Sunlight," "I Wanna Love You," "I Wanna Be Your Man," "I Do Love You," and the Bar-Kay's, "Unforgettable Dream," will do the trick.

Those who prefer "good fun" dreams will love "Party," "Thinkin Of You," "Local Girls," "Feelin' Irie," and "Polynesian People."

Those that can't sleep will appreciate Norm's original, "Miss My Baby." with Jevan Paisely, or Norm's take on Lionel Ritchie's, "Oh No."

Grab hold of your coziest pillow or loved one, crank up the music, and have yourself an "Unforgettable Dream."

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