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Shaka Island

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Shaka Island

Shaka Island

Popular Hawaiian Music

“Shaka Island”, a “good fun” collection of 16 island style contemporary originals by popular Hawaiian artists, has just the right combination of laid back, lively ukulele and whimsy to make it the perfect jam for the whole family. Packed with a terrific assortment of island hits such as “Fish and Poi” by Sean Na’auao, “Come A’aama Crab” by Pomai and Loeka, Justin’s “Never Forget Where I’m From,” Bruddah Norm’s classic, “Hawaiian Born,” Ka’ala Boys’ “Backyard Kanikapila,” Marty Dread and Darrell Labrado’s, “Mouse In The House,” (and more), this upbeat compilation will elicit smiles and shaka signs from island music lovers of all ages. “Hang Loose” with “Shaka Island.”

“Shaka Island” features: “Mouse in the House” by Marty Dread & Darrell Labrado, “Palolo” by John Feary, “Come A’ama Crab” by Pomai and Loeka, “ Rubber Slipper” by Tony Solis w/Bruddah Norm, “Fish and Poi” by Sean Na’auao, “Hawaiian Born” by BruddahNorm, “What Am I Gonna Do” by Rodz, “Backyard Kanikapila” by Ka’ala Boys, “Hele On Down To Hawaii Nei” by Heart and Soul, “Never Forget Where I’m From” by Justin, “Oompa Loompa” by Solanna, “Side Salad” by Side Salad featuring Rodney Villanueva, “Typical Hawaiian Day by Kulana featuring Herb Ohta Jr, “Shaka Brother” by Local Jamm, “Living In The Islands” by Lance Kalahiki and “Wipe Out” by Troy Fernandez  

1 Mouse In The House
Marty Dread & Darrell Labrado

2 Palolo
John Feary

3 Come A’ama Crab
Pomai & Loeka

4 Rubber Slipper
Tony Solis and Bruddah Norm

5 Fish and Poi
Sean Na’auao

6 Hawaiian Born

7 What Am I Gonna Do

8 Backyard Kanikapila
Ka’ala Boys

9 Hele On Down To Hawaii Nei
Heart and Soul

10 Never Forget Where I’m From

11 Oompa Loompa

12 Side Salad
Side Salad

13 Typical Hawaiian Day

14 Shaka Brother
Local Jamm

15 Living In The Islands
Lance Kalahiki

16 Wipeout
Troy Fernandez