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Troy Fernandez


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Troy Fernandez Collaboration

Troy Fernandez Collaboration

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A multitude of talent came together with award winning ukulele master, Troy

Fernandez, on Collaboration 1.  Fernandez, a former member of the fabulously

successful duo, Ka'au Crater Boys, mixed upbeat island contemporary picking

with smooth Reggae grooves on this compilation of 10 originals and 2 covers

such as:

· Mega-Hit “If It Ain't Real Love” with Papa T and JD of BET

· “Once Ago” and “Nothing Can Change This Love” by Kela Keala of Ekolu

· “From the Soul” by Shaka B of Typical Hawaiians

· “Ala Moana Bowls” by Kaulana Pakele of Tapa Groove and Mana'o Company

· And much more!

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