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 has a wide selection of Island Contemporary,

Reggae, Alternative, Ukulele and Hawaiian music

with a unique island flavor.

Island Style Ukulele


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Popular Hawaiian Music

2015 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Winner

Island Style Ukulele 2

Compilation Album of the Year

“Island Style Ukulele Series,” from Neos Productions, are an instrumental compilations of  newly recorded island favorites by popular ukulele artists. The ukulele is known as “the people’s instrument” and “the heart of Hawaii's music”.

5Very enjoyable introduction to ukulele music

This is my first exposure to ukulele music - at least modern ukulele music and I enjoyed this quite a lot. It won't replace my other favorites, but nice to add to the mix. I enjoyed Troy Fernandez' take on John Denver's Take Me Home Country Roads. I also really enjoyed Brittni Paiva's Kawiki. It was lovely and lyrical, and evocative of good times. The only downside to these instrumental works is that the Hawaiian names on some of them are unknown to me, so I feel a little lost as to what the title means. But that's not all that important. I did enjoy this music quite a lot.

Wonderful music, excellent playing

This may be the best ukulele instrumental on the market. You can listen to this one album over and over all day long and never get tired of it. Highly recommended.

5Pruchased the Island Style Ukulele


This entire album is beautiful and so peaceful, I love it. Thinking about purchasing another for a gift at a later time!


Island Style Ukulele 3 NEW RELEASE