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Na Mele ‘Ukulele

Various Artists

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Na Mele ‘Ukulele

Na Mele ‘Ukulele

Popular Hawaiian Music

Na Mele “Ukulele

Sharing aloha through inspirational Hawaiian melodies

 “Nā Mele ʻUkulele” is a celebration of Polynesian culture expressed in 14 newly recorded Hawaiian contemporary and traditional ‘ukulele instrumentals. Also known as “the people’s instrument,” the ukulele’s influence on island music has remained a driving force as each generation passes along aloha for its unique sound, creating a musical legacy that many call “the sound of Hawaii.”

 This collection of Nā Hoku Hanohano and Hawaiʻi Music Award winners and nominees, Herb Ohta Jr., Bryan Tolentino, Kawika Kahiapo, Benny Chong, Kalei Gamiao, Gordon Freitas, Hale Seabury, Charley Regua and Honoka & Azita are among the fourteen of Hawai’i’s ukulele masters performing much-loved “mele.”

 Included in this album of relaxing melodies are early nineteenth century classics “O Kalena Kai,” the Hawaiian wedding song, “Ke Kali Nei Au,”  “Lei No Ka’iulani,”  “Ka Leo O Ka Manu,” “Silver Threads Among the Gold,” “Hilo One,” and “Waiulu.” Contemporary gems include, “Oceans Away,” “Blue Hawai’i,’ “Waialua Sky,” a medley of the very popular, “Hawaiian Lullaby,” and “Honolulu I’m Coming Back Again,” “Waialua Sky,” “Legend of the Rain,” and “Do the Hula.”   Combining the best of tradition and technology, “Nā Mele ʻUkulele” is a captivating tribute to Hawaiiana of yesterday and today.

Hilo One

Performed by: Florent Atem

'O Kalena Kai        

Performed by: Shaun Reyes

Ka Leo O Ka Manu          

Performed by: Gordon Freitas

Ke Alaula         

Performed by: Charley Regua

Ke Kali Nei Au (The Hawaiian Wedding Song)     

Performed by:  Herb Ohta Jr.

Silver Threads Among the Gold             

Performed by: Noah Campbell


Performed by:  Aaron Crowell

Oceans Away     

Performed by: Halehaku Seabury

Blue Hawai'i     

Performed by: Benny Chong

Waialua Sky      

Performed by:  Kalei Gamiao

Legend of the Rain        

Performed by Bryan Tolentino

Lei No Ka'iulani       

Performed by: Kawika Kahiapo

Hawaiian Lullaby/Honolulu I’m Coming Back Again  

Performed by: Terry Brown

Do the Hula           

Performed by: Honoka & Azita


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Hawaiian Lullaby-Honolulu I'm Coming Back Again

2017 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Winner

Na Mele Ukulele

Compilation Album of the Year