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Side Salad

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Side Salad

Side Salad

Daniel Baduria, Jan Luna and Chris Mercado,  "Side Salad,"  are seasoned musicians who, during the last several years, have logged in many hours playing with bands such as Mana'o Company, Pacific Street, Pacific Blu, Ho'aloha and Palolo. They got to know each other while hanging out at gigs, and finally decided to play together and  "have some fun"  because they really enjoyed each others company. Since they all had other commitments, the guys jokingly called themselves "Side Salad," and the name stuck!  Jan, Chris and Daniel now proudly present their first self-titled release of 11 songs with 5 originals.   

"Side Salad" tastefully blends the talents of Jan (keyboards), Chris (guitar) and Daniel (bass) and brings us a fresh presentation of old favorites.  "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" is as refreshing as a cold brew;  "How About Us" is sweet and savory.      

Norm Thompson's original song,  "It's you," has a scrumptious groove and

smooth harmonies. Reggae lovers will want second helpings of the

originals  "Pitter Patter " and " Do The Right Thing."  Lance Kalahiki's "Side Salad"  (tossed green, potato or mac) is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the lighter side of local culinary arts.

"Side Salad"  is like an ono plate lunch. You'll keep coming back for more!

1 You Girl

2 How About Us

3 Do The Right Thing

4 Escape

5 Pitter Patter100

6 Give Me Some Lovi’n

7 Baby I’m Yours

8 Don’t Worry Be Happy

9 Side Salad

10 Sailing

11 You’re The Best Thing

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