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It Won’t Be Long

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Reality It Won’t Be Long

Reality It Won’t Be Long

Reality Hawaiian Reagge

Marja Apisaloma and Shivon Ines, Reality, made a splash with their Hawaii Music Award winning debut release, "Movin On."  "It Won't Be Long," which includes their hit version of Smokey Robinson’s “You Really Got A Hold On Me,” showcases their ability to capture the essence of a variety of today’s most popular musical styles, while adding their own personal island style.

Ballad lovers will get hooked on "It Won't Be Long,"  " Once In A Blue Moon," and  "Hold Me Close.”   

R & B fans will groove to the sounds of "Insecurity,"  "My Angel," and their hit version of "You Really Got A Hold On Me."

Reggae enthusiasts will skank to "Touchie Touchie, "  "This Good Thing," "Confusion," and the hidden remix of the local favorite, "Guava Jam."

Hip hop and dancehall crowds will find their niche with  " Love Gamble," and "Come With Me."

"It Won't Be Long," before you’re asking for another dose of Reality!  

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