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And Friends

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Justin Young and Friends

1 The Valentines Song

2 Baby Baby   

3 Crazy Love   

4 You Don't Have To Cry  

5 Leaving On A Jet Plane  

6 Never Forget Where I'm From

7 One Year Together  

8  My Eyes Abore You  

9 Your Move   

10 I Do    

11 Soothe You   

12 I Still Love You   

13 Streets Of Waiks   

14 Tani's Song   

15 Punaikeonaona   

16 Gonna Meet The Clouds

Hawaii Music Award winner for "Best Anthology," "Justin & Friends: Collection," features 16 tracks of Justin Young's most popular songs - "Crazy Love," "Soothe You," "Streets of Waiks," "Never Forget Where I'm From," "Gonna Meet The Clouds Again," and many of his most memorable duets - Yasmeen ("You Don't Have To Cry") Sharon Sanchez ("I Do"), Pomai ("Tani's Song"), and Kekama Emmsley ("One Year Together").

Take a musical stroll with Justin down memory lane. Savor "Collection's" classic hits and discover a few new favorites.

Justin Young and Friends Collection

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