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Justin Young Postcard

Justin Young first caught the attention of Hawaii’s island radio stations with his creative renditions of classic covers, but quickly proved himself as a songwriter with the hits "Streets of Waiks," "This Local Boy" and "Let Me Take Tonight.”

"Postcard" is full of the kind of music that's kept Justin on the top of Hawaii’s music charts. His airy vocals, thought provoking lyrics and catchy melodies are all here in true "Justin style."

"Shake Me," is upbeat, snappy island reggae. "Butterfly" and  Gonna Meet The Clouds Again” blend sweet guitar melodies and metaphorical lyrics with an up tempo, alternative beat.  "Friends Ex-Girlfriend" mixes a driving rhythm with a bittersweet message while "One More Aloha" expresses feelings about being apart that all lovers can relate to. "My Eyes Adore You," "Leaving on a Jet Plane," and "More Than Words” provide a solid dose of Justin magic to this musical postcard.

Justin Young Post Card

1 Shake Me  

2 Butterfly

3 Friend's Ex Girl Friend  

4 Perfect Peace

5 One More Aloha  

6 If You Pick These Flowers

7 Tears Are Falling Down

8 More Than Words

9 Love Song Dedication

10 Leaving On A Jet Plane

11 My Eyes Abore You

12 Let Me Tonight

13 Gonna Meet The Clouds

14 End Of The Innocence

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