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Ka’ala Boys

The Best Of

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Ka’ala Boys The Best Of

Ka’ala Boys The Best Of

1 The Rising River      

2 Slow Down      

3 Island Unity      

4 Bad Fish       

5 Girl I Really Need You     

6 Kamuela Yodel      

7 Neighborhood Flirt     

8 No Doubt About It     

9 Still In Love      

10 Can't Stop That Groove

11 Blowin In The Wind     

12 Can't Get Enough      

13 Firemans Hula      

14 Fly You To The Moon     

15 Look What You've Done To Me

16 Mount Ka'ala Hula     

17 Tahiti Love Song      

18 Heave In Your Eyes    

     After eight years of making music together, Ka’ala Boys continue to captivate audiences in Hawaii with their lively showmanship and extensive repertoire. As one of Hawaii’s busiest bands, this group of multi-talented musicians, whose sweet harmonies are provided by original members Keoki V., and Rodney Bejer, fire up their instruments at the most popular spots in town. Mixing island contemporary and traditional Hawaiian with reggae, and pop, Ka’ala Boys have a solid reputation for creating a “Hot Hawaiian Night” where ever they perform.

     “Best of Ka’ala Boys” is an 18 track anthology of their most popular island contemporary and Hawaiian reggae music. With steady grooves, plenty of strings, lush harmonies and lively lyrics, Ka’ala Boys’ music is the perfect thirst quencher for the island music lover.      

Set your Hawaiian night on fire with “Slow Down,” “Island Unity,” “Can’t Get Enough”  “No Doubt About It,” “Neighborhood Flirt,” “Kamuela Yodel,” “Mount Ka’ala Hula,” “Fireman’s Hula,” and many others which are sure to elicit a rousing “Hana Hou” for more of what Ka’ala Boys do so well!   

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